Welcome to Sweet Home Labradoodles

Sweet Home Labradoodles is a Boutique Sized Labradoodle Breeding Program by choice. We are a premiere Australian Multi-Gen Labardoodle breeder in California, conveniently located between Los Angeles and San Francisco, on the beautiful Central Coast of California. Our puppies call home to Santa Barbara, San Diego, Orange County, and outside of California as well. It is the culmination of my heart's desire to focus on temperament as the guiding principle in my Australian Multi-Gen Labradoodle breeding program. Other primary ingredients are luxurious non-shedding, allergy-friendly coats, beautiful colors, and a consistent medium size. The limited scope of my program allows me to stay focused and committed to the quality of temperament and human-oriented personality of my Australian Multi-Gen Labradoodle clan. My mission is to raise Labradoodle puppies to become part of a family's daily life, with a forever home foremost in my mind.

My passion for the Labradoodle breed is the cornerstone of my focused selection for breeding prospects. I specialize in quality, Medium-Sized Australian Multi-Gen Labradoodle puppies for sale, bred for balanced temperament, intuitive mindset and outstanding conformation. Health-Tested, family approved, outstanding bloodlines... that's who we are. My Labradoodles are part of my family. They are bred, raised, and live in my home!

We are honored to be recognized by the ALAA as a Gold Paw Breeder. This achievement is given to a breeding program for maintaining the commitment to the highest standard of health testing on all breeding dogs.